MESA Activity


CMRF - Covid-19

During severe lockdown period when whole state was suffering Team MESA contributed in Chief Minister's Relief Fund wherein amount contributed was Rs 1300/-

MESA online Farewell

Farewell to BE i.e 2020 batch students was given in an online mode wherein total of 250 number of students were involved

Quarantine Home Photography Competition

A Non- Technical Event - Photography competition, was conducted in an online mode wherein 25 students participated out of which 3 best clicks were selected as a Winners

Eco Friendly Ganesh Visarjan Competition

In the view to create awareness about Environment and promote Eco-friendly Ganesh Visarjan a competition qas conducted in an Online mode where 20 students participated and Winners were declared


A Technical Event - Virtual Design Competition was conducted in an online mode. Cutia and Fusion360 software were used where 33 students participated out of which 3 student were declared as Winners

Chess Club

Chess Club was formed for the interested students to showcase their talent. 50 students participated in the event

Chess 2.0

In order to develop patience and thoughtfulness and to learn and increase cognitive skills, MESA successfully conducted an online chess tournament. It was open for students of all branches. Almost 50 students participated in this event and two winners were announced

Event Coordinators- 1)Dhiraj Badshe 2)Aditya Wavhal 3)Akin Chavan

Pravaig Dynamics webinar

To provide the students a brief knowledge about being part of a upgrowing startup company and to get an idea of the journey from college to being part of pravaig, MESA successfully organized a webinar regarding this. Total of 55 students registered from all academic years

Event coordinator- Aditya Wavhal

Road Safety Webinar

To make students aware about road safety and avoid accident and to become a responsible citizen, MESA successfully organized a webinar on Road safety Awareness conducted by Ms. Tejashree Kulkarni via RTO PCMC. Total of 177 students were part of this webinar

Event Coordinator- Aditya Wavhal and Noopura Pardeshi

CREO Workshop

To make students learn about latest designing software CREO which is currently in demand by the Mechanical Engineering Industries, MESA successfully organized a worshop of CREO software with Mr. Vishal Kale from Impetus Group. Total of 120 students were a part of this workshop

Event coordinator- Saurabh Vaidya